Snapshot of Europe

I’m completed embarrassed that it has taken me almost a full year to post pictures and stories about my trip to Europe! I’m very busy and in heavy procrastination mode, so naturally this is the time I chose to write about Europe!

July 2012, Aimee and I headed to Europe for five weeks of backpacking. With having done barely any research and made very few plans this trip was bound to be an adventure! Here’s what our route looked like: Ireland -> England -> Czech Republic -> Germany -> France -> Belgium -> The Netherlands -> USA.

This trip feels like it was ages ago and I don’t want to bore with too many details, so here are some of the points that I remember the most:

1. Aimee cannot understand anyone that speaks with an accent (meaning I was in charge of asking for directions and help).

2. Nutella is the best food ever and goes well with everything.

3. Paris subways stop running at 1am and it’s extremely easy to get lost underground. The police will promptly yell at you to leave when wandering around trying to get out.

4. Everything in Ireland is cheap and amazing! Watch out for biting ponies though.

5. On Wizz! Airlines, people will literally race to the plane from the gate…run fast or they will take all the good seats!

6. Speculoos. Greatest thing ever. Especially in ice cream.

7. Drinking and eating fries with fun toppings in Brussels city center is the best way to end a trip.

8. Being in Amsterdam during Gay Pride weekend makes the people watching exponentially greater.

9. Every city has some huge tower, monument, or church that is famous and you must climb. Kept us in great shape.

10. “Friends” is watched and understood in every country. Quoting Friends is a universal language.

11. Trains are great…except when a four hour ride turns into eight and you can’t understand what’s happening because the announcements are in German.

12. Sleeping in airports is totally acceptable. Just find a nice corner and use your bags as pillows.

Overall, this was an amazing trip and I’m so blessed that Aimee and I were able to have this experience.ImageImageImageImage

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