A few more details

Just thought I’d fill in some of the blanks and answer some of the questions I’ve been asked lately…. Sorry I neglected to explain earlier!

Connectivity: Cell phones are everywhere! I had a Rwandan cell phone too…although acquiring the phone was an adventure in which I confused about six Rwandans, two motos and three stores…but I got it! All phones are on prepaid plans, using phone cards. Internet is also done differently – through individual USB sticks. For me to get my phone, phone cards and USB wifi cost me around $30 for my entire stay here. Love it. In case you’re in Rwanda and want to call me, my new number is 0789218255.

Food: The food is not particularly crazy here. There’s a lot of rice and beans served with everything, cooked vegetables (mainly carrots, peppers, tomatoes, potatoes), and a little protein. That pretty much makes up most of our dinners. I will emphasize that tomatoes, tomato paste, carrots, and potatoes are EVERYWHERE and in every meal!

The fruit here is fabulous. The best, most mouthwatering pineapple, passion fruit, and gigantic avocados.

Music: LOVE the African pop/rap music here. There’s a big competition in Rwanda called Guma Guma Superstar. Twelve artists tour the country together and people text vote for their favorite. The winner will be flown to the US to record an album with a US music star. (I think last year Akon was the US artist.) Popular artists are Knoles, P Squared, Urban Boyz.

And Whitney Houston songs are played on the daily. No questions asked.




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