Is this real life?

One year ago today, Aimee and I were on our flight to Europe. We backpacked our way through seven or eight countries for more than five weeks. A year later, I’m at the halfway point of my African summer. Is this really my life?!


This has been one heck of a year. I graduated college, backpacked through Europe, moved to Texas, started graduate school, and am now in Africa…and that’s just touching the surface of what has happened this year! It’s been stressful, crazy, and amazing. And I wouldn’t change a thing about it. This year has helped me to realize the important things in life and the important people that I am blessed to have supporting me.

During last weekend’s moto adventure to the Catholic church, I had to pinch myself to make sure this was really my life. This country is so beautiful and so wonderful and has such a tragic history. I am so blessed to have the opportunity to be here, learning, studying, and exploring.

I have less than two weeks left in Rwanda and I know that I’ve only scraped the surface of things to do and try and learn about in this country. I honestly wish I wasn’t leaving so soon! It really didn’t even seen like a possibility that this is how I would feel five weeks into my stay. I definitely thought I’d be starting a countdown back to the USA, but not even close!

My parents gave us opportunities to travel throughout our childhood and now I’ve definitely got the travel bug. I enjoy learning, seeing new things, and making new mistakes. I fell into this career path by accident, but I’m certainly glad it happened.

Just my thoughts for the day…now I’m celebrating the Fourth of July in Rwanda. Enjoy it back in the USA 🙂



One thought on “Is this real life?

  1. and because of you and all your adventures, my life has been fuller too! Thank you for being the person you are and have become!

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