Motos and Muzungu

I feel like I haven’t blogged in a while! I don’t really have a set routine here, so I can’t exactly keep track of the days…ooops. Honestly, I do spend a good amount of time on my laptop. It’s not because I’m being boring – I have work to do! I’m currently still employed as a Graduate Research/Teaching Assistant at TAMU, so I have assignments/papers to write for that, my thesis that needs to be written, and the SC Johnson case study that helped finance my trip here. I’m keeping busy, but at least I have a nice patio and table to call my office 🙂

Motos are everywhere. Every street corner, popular area etc have at least three waiting. All I have to do is wave a hand or go “ssssssss” and they will all come zooming! Gisenyi is not a huge town, but it’s rocky and hilly, so taking a moto around town is very handy. They cost 300 RWF to get anywhere in town and around 700-1000 to get to the outskirts of town (1USD=645 RWF)…pretty good deal!

The moto drivers are crazy – they weave around cars, drive within inches of pedestrians, and go speeding up and down the rocky hills! But it’s an adventure! Yesterday, we took a moto ride to the outskirts of town to grab a drink (but the real reason was the because it’s a beautiful ride to that bar!). I took a video of part of the drive…notice we had to swerve to avoid hitting the goats in the road :0 (having trouble uploading the video, maybe that will be on facebook)



Another thing here is the word “muzungu”, which means white person. I hear it everywhere. People stare, call out muzungu, little kids try to speak English, shake hands etc. It’s not meant to be insulting or a slur, just merely an observation. I had a group of kids shout “muzungu goodbye!” at me for an hour straight one day. The guy I was with explained that I was probably the only white person they’d see for a year, so yea, they were excited. They also love having their picture taken…super adorable.


New experiences every day, it’s definitely keeping me entertained. I can’t believe I’ve been here for more than three weeks!


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