Rwanda’s Dairy


Now, let’s talk about the dairy in Rwanda. I’m doing my thesis on Rwandan dairy farmers and their use of the “MCCs”. Milk Collection Centers are like a milk cooperative/community bulk tank. Farmers can deliver their milk to the MCC daily and receive a slight premium for having higher quality milk (a requirement to sell milk at the MCC). I won’t go into too many details now, but here’s an overview of the process and the Kivu Dairy, the MCC in Gisenyi.

Here’s an extremely brief overview of the process. I’m sure more pictures and details will come later….

Cow hangin’ out in a shed 🙂

CowKivu Dairy


MCC Bulk Tank

Transport to Kivu Dairy – either on bike, on foot, or on truckMilk Transport

Milk Transport

Milk quality testing before accepting it to the bulk tank
Milk Quality Testing

Milk Temp

Straining the milk before it enter the bulk tank
Milk Straining

Milk Straining
To the Bulk Tank





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