More about Mexico…

Today I want to share some pictures and thoughts with you about a ranch in Mexico.

This ranch, San Fernando, belongs to my boyfriend’s family and has been in their family for over 100 years. Located in Zacatecas, Mexico, their family ranch is spread over approximately 3,000 hectares or just under 8,000 acres. It’s a lot of land and a lot of room for the cattle to roam! Primarily a beef cattle ranch, but they also work some of the land for corn, alfalfa and wheat. Also, they have room to grow papaya, pomegranates, mangoes and guava – it’s their own little oasis. It’s pretty unique for this area of Mexico to be able to grow those fruits – they are lucky enough to be sitting on the largest water supply of the whole region.

With this large water supply, they have been able to expand their ranch, add more cattle and even put in an irrigation system. It’s really been a blessing and something that they have been able to take advantage of, especially since the area has been going through a draught.

Another unique thing about the ranch, they have their very own mountain! On this mountain, they have been able to excavate and sell marble….a nice little bonus for the land 🙂

For a dairy girl from Wisconsin, this ranch is truly a break from the usual. Like many beef ranches, the cattle are left alone for several weeks or more to roam, graze at pasture before being brought in for any reason. But, the area is pretty dry, so there’s not much to eat out there. And of course, what’s a ranch without having a “lienzo charro” (or corral)? They use this area to show off their skills on horseback, enjoy a few Coronas and ride some bulls.

I haven’t been able to visit San Fernando, but it sounds like a busy ranch with a variety of crops, animals and hobbies – a great ranch that will stay in the family for many more generations.

I hope you enjoy these photos of San Fernando!

A view from one of the fields

Most of the work is done on horseback

Three generations at work

A little calf at the ranch


A bull near the watering hole


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