Agriculture in Mexico

When I think of Mexico, agriculture is definitely not the first thing that crosses my mind. I think of sandy beaches, blue water, margaritas and sunbathing. Sounds pretty great, doesn’t it?

But did you know that Mexico is the number one producer of avocados, limes (and lime oil), lemons, onions/chayote and sunflower seeds? They are also heavy producers of papaya, oranges, mangoes, whole beans, fennel, asparagus, peppers, corn and chicken meat.


Lime production in Mexico

Mexico may be a leading producer in several products, but agriculture is still not a leading industry in the country. The agriculture sector accounts for only 5% of their GDP and employs 13% of the work force.

Where are the farms?

Many of the traditional agriculture farms – beef, dairy, corn etc – are grown in central to northern Mexico. Three very popular areas for farming and especially exporting are Culiacán, Bajío and San Quintín.

The more tropical products – lemons, limes, oranges – are grown in the southern regions. More specifically, Michoacán and Colima are the two most important states for the horticulture.

Mexico map

Map of Mexico


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  1. I really enjoyed your blog today. Love the layout and maps that you provided. Now I want to know more about Agriculture in Mexico – would love to know more about the livestock aspect

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