America’s Dairyland

I can’t start to talk about agriculture around the world without first talking about the agriculture in my own state….Wisconsin!

Everyone knows of Wisconsin as the Dairy State, which leading the country with the highest number of farms at around 78,000. But Wisconsin has more than just cows, agriculture bring over $59 billion in economic activity, that’s right, BILLION. And here’s how we do it.

Wisconsin is the nation’s leading producer of cranberries, ginseng and snap peas. Not just leading, but dominating the field. We produce over 97% of the nation’s ginseng and over 50% of the cranberries. In addition to those foods, oats, cherries, potatoes, carrots and sweet corn rank high in the state. That’s a lot of food!


Cranberry Production in Central Wisconsin

But, going back to the name, Dairy State, Wisconsin has the highest number of dairy goats in the country, 46,000. And we like cheese here – producing 25% of our nation’s cheese supply. Of the $59 billion that agriculture brings to the state, dairy is leading the pack, bringing over $26 billion! To put that in perspective, Wisconsin dairy generates more income than Florida citrus, Idaho potatoes, Washington apples, Maine lobsters and California raisins combined.


Wisconsin's Dairy

Wisconsin farmers are hard at work year round in the state, working to produce food for the local farmers market and for export.


2 thoughts on “America’s Dairyland

  1. That’s some pretty impressive stuff – Wisconsin. I had no idea cranberries are produced in Wisconsin. I am only familiar with the Ocean Spray brand. Don’t laugh, but I incorrectly assumed that cranberries are produced near the ocean. Who knew?
    Not me, before your post. Thanks!

    • Thanks! I didn’t know about the cranberries until last summer when I drove past an Ocean Spray plant in Central Wisconsin! They have a great irrigation system for the cranberry marshes.

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